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Graduation.... finally

Yes its the same post(s) from my build thread.... I had the car road worthy in 7 months and then I took almost another two years to get off my butt and call it done.

Well it is finally time to graduate this car.... it has been pretty much done since last spring after the paint was complete but I still was fiddling with the carpet and my backup camera.

Ok The specs.....

Engine - 2014 Coyote - stock with the exception of a Tune from Bamatune
The engine was moved ~2.5 inches forward by slotting the engine mounts and spinning the motor mounts (Thanks for the idea Mark D!!)

Transmission - TKO600 with tall 5th gear... I do love that choice...highway cruising is 70mph @2000rpm
- Rear mounted shift position but with the engine moved forward it sits where a mid mount would be.

Rear End - Lincoln 8.8 aluminum diff with 3.27 final drive and Eaton TruTrac differential

Wheels/Tires - Cobra 10th anniversary 17" wheels with Nitto NT05 tires 275/45/17 and 315/35/17

No power steering or brakes

Brakes - FF 6 Piston Wilwoods
- Forte 4 piston rear Wilwoods with internal parking brake

Aluminum - Storage area below rear hatch above fuel tank
- 2BKing Coyote aluminum panels
- Squared off firewall making it much larger and able to completely house the AC/Heat unit
- Since I moved the engine forward I did not have to touch the passenger foot well at all
- Almost all panels powdercoated gunmetal gray or crinkle black
- Headlight bucket aluminum panels made to cover the hole in front of the wheels
- Fat Mat used pretty much everywhere

- Digital Guard Dawg RFID start system
- Southern Hot Rods Air Conditioning
- Defrost vents & 2 heat/AC vents per seat.
- Bluetooth OBDII scanner feeding a Galaxy Tablet
- License plate mounted backup camera feeding a WiFi transmitter to the Tablet
- 35lb door actuators wired into Digital Guard Dawg keyfob
- LED brake and turn signals and LED headlights
- Signal Dynamics turn signal kit including the mod to use all 4 rear lights as brake lights
I have 2 momentary push buttons that control left and right turn signals
- 1 Roca marine wiper for the drivers side... AC and Coyote ECU prevented a passenger wiper.

- Molded in Spoiler
- Vent cutouts on the rear were filled in
- passenger wiper mount was removed
- back side undercoated with truck bed liner with the exception of part of the hood that was painted body color
- Hood roundel and stripes painted in and then clear coated until there is no transition in the paint
- Toyota Inferno Orange (4XO) with Gloss Black
- Paint work done by Gary Correia of Albany Oregon
- Quality headliner installed prior to body installation

So what did the whole thing cost you ask.... well I am happy to share that with anyone interested. I will say that I posted a thread well over a year ago http://www.ffcars.com/forums/21-ffr-type-65-coupe/554514-how-you-spend-50k-unpainted-coupe.html that lays out a good amount of it.... but there has been much more since.

Well I am sure I will think of more to say but here are the pics...


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Yes I owe you some interior and engine pics

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And I'm done...

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