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The FFCars.com Classifieds area has two cool features you need to know about.

1.) You can use a prefix when making a new topic. The prefixes are For Sale, Wanted to Buy, and Free Parts.

2.) Our new FFCars.com iTrader system allows buyers and sellers to rate the buying/selling experience like eBay.

The buyer and seller can click on each others iTrader score (on the left under the total posts) and add a Positive, Neutral, or Negative score. The software checks the URL of the parts being sold so it won't allow bogus feedbacks to be added.

The iTrader system is here to establish a fair and safe selling/buying environment. The scores are done on the honor system. If you want to report abuse of a score, click on the link of your own iTrader page and report the problem or contact me by PM.

You can find your score by clicking the iTrader link at the top of every page.

- Bill
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