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Thanks again Greg. And thank you David (Shep). That was very cool of you too!

Just so the members know, we're doing fine because of the advertisers and donations. Unexpected gifts like this just help us get back to square one quicker! So thanks! We'll let the members know if becomes crunch time.

Just so everyone doesn't think we're getting rich off this site, I'll share some "behind the scenes" info. Our bandwidth cost are increasing every month. Galt just sent me this yesterday:

4/19 - 5/18 - 35.19 GB
5/19 - 6/18 - 48.58 GB
6/19 - 7/18 - 58.93 GB
7/19 - 8/18 - 67.32 GB
8/19 to date - 52.38 GB (projected to 90 GB for the month).

Our account is set-up for 50 gigs of traffic. When we go over that, they charge us for every 10 gigs. I think he said it's $20 per 10 or something like that. Our base hosting fee is several hundred dollars a month. We've been operating since January, and only started getting advertising in July. So you do the math, we were in the hole big time! But thanks to the advertisers and members, we're doing fine.

The hosting company has been great! The site has been very reliable and we're happy to pay the high fees because we now have the support of advertisers. So we should all thank them for supporting our hobby! Here's a list of who's advertising:

Breeze Automotive
Engine Factory
Factory Five Racing
Finish Line - Cobra Accessories
Forte's Parts Connection
Hot Shot Performance Coating
Mike's Custom Cobra Parts
Mr. Alternator
Muscle Motors
Southern Automotive
Stewart Transport
Tri-State Motorsports
Whitby Motorcars

Without these guys, we would have been screwed, so thanks to each and everyone of you! We all hope that being associated with our site brings you sales. And I know many of you don't really need to adverise here, but it's nice to know you think we're worth it!

- The FFCars Gang!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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