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Got home last night, I think this was my 5th Open House and it was
the best one yet. Talk about a LOT of NICE CARS! We met a LOT of new faces
and customers and just had a great day talking to everyone.

A special thanks to Dave Smith, as I told you yesterday, you are
having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with all of this! He pulled out of the building
with the black GTM and just had an ear splitting grin on his face the entire time :D

Also, a big thank you to Mark Weber for all his assistance for the vendors.
It was even more enjoyable since they let us set up our display right next to the
Coupe area so I could float between the tent and the car.
Guys, you absolutely ROCK!

I've been to a number of shows where for a $20 registration fee, you get a bag of flyers.

Where else are you going to go that you get a bag with a bunch of
FFR stickers, a Dick Smith tribute sticker, a dash plaque, an FFR hat,
a raffle ticket to win a pit bike and I haven't had time to see
what else was in the bag. You get free food, meet a bunch
of the best gearheads there are, and it's ALL FREE!!!!!

Thanks Dave, FFR and everyone we met, we had a great time!

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Ditto, great time...my first!

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