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Hey, Guys. I'm posting this here in the effort to see if a vendor might be interested in taking on the Tangent T-Top. I have one copy, the plug and molds worthy of production. I've simply run out of steam on this project and we'll be retiring to our new home in the end of March, so I won't be in a position to carry on anyway. The rest of Tangent has been sold and is now working out of NC by my buddy, Eric. The top can be seen here - The Tangent T Top

Any questions I'll gladly answer. The top is 95% completely engineered and only needs to have some hinging and window slides worked out, but I have ideas for those and will work with whomever takes the project on. I've been trying to get Dave (FFR) to take on the project, but . . . . they're so busy that getting attention is always a challenge. I'm looking to do something substantial with this before the end of March 2015 if possible.

I"m thinking that at the very least, everything I have could be let go for 5K plus whatever it takes to get it to you. Maybe a royalty of $200 or so for each copy sold. You'd have the third hard top alternative in existence for these cars, a very good market.

I'm open to any offers and ideas to keep this item moving forward.

All the best, Don
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