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Hey, Guys. I'm posting this here in the effort to see if a forum member might be interested in taking on the Tangent T-Top. I have one copy, the plug and molds worthy of production. The rest of Tangent has been sold and is now working out of NC by my buddy, Eric. I've retired now and simply don't have the space to continue a project like this.

The top can be seen here - The Tangent T Top - I have hundreds of other pictures showing the build history and fabrication of this very unique piece.

Any questions I'll gladly answer. The top is 95% completely engineered and only needs to have some hinging and window slides worked out, but I have plans for those and will work with whomever takes the project on. I've been trying to get Dave (FFR) to take on the project, but they're so busy that getting attention is always a challenge.

I have about 30K in this project and I'll consider all reasonable offers, I'd like to get around 10K plus whatever it takes to get it to you. Maybe a royalty of $200 or so for each copy sold. You'd have the third hard top alternative in existence for these cars, a very good market to be sure. I anticipated a completed kit would sell for about the same as the premium ragtop from FFR, $3500.00

There are several requirements to think about in order to be successful with this product, I can and will help wherever possible.

You'd need to have access to a fiberglass or composite fabricator, unless you're knowledgeable about this stuff. Companies that are candidates are, race car body fabricators, motorcycle parts, aircraft parts, boats and boat parts. Fabricators are all over the country, and the way this top has been engineered, it can ship easily. But, the farther they are from you, the more inventory you might have to order at a time. These people need to be willing to use vinyl-ester resin instead of poly-ester resin, and most shops of typical fiber glass products use the former. Only shops that make auto and bike shops use the vinyl-ester. It is more stable in heat. If you're savvy, you may already know how to do composite work, we did all of this work ourselves, but we've done a lot of composite and layup work. It's not that hard, but the shop requirements are pretty stiff - climate controlled if you live in challenging areas of the country, dust collection, compressed air and tools, etc. Plus, you'll need to be in an industrial area or at least be fairly remote, close neighbors will take exception to the noise and smell.

You should have some mechanical background, luckily, if you built a factory five, you're qualified here. There are still a few bugs to work out, none, too hard, but they will still need a discerning mind and time. A latch issue still exists with the side windows, but the latch for the t-tops is worked out. Most of the rubber issues are worked out too. The side glass needs attention. The mold has been made. The side windows have a couple options, but the direction that I was going was for a plexi slider setup similar to the daytona coupe. Simple and clean. So there are some track issues that need to be dialed in.

You'll need a web presence, an ordering portal, and a vendor account, at least on this forum. None of these are expensive or hard to do, technology has come a long, long way here. You'll need a access to shipping, the top was designed to ship in a 16"x24"x60" box, this size did fall within UPS, FEDEX, at the time I check, but that could have changed in recent years. My object was to stay outside of LTL shippng to save the customer those headaches.

With that being said, it should cost around $800-$1000 to arrive at a single copy if most of the parts are subbed out, which is the preferred method. I decided real quick that I didn't want to be in the composite fabricating business - mostly because I wasn't outfitted as well as the people that do it everyday.

Anyway, if you're interested we can begin a conversation to see if this project would be a good fit for your new business or to add to your existing one.

This is a rare opportunity. This will be the third hard top alternative as far as I know - And it's the only one that looks good IMO, but I'm biased of course. And there's certainly nothing that has this flexibility, tops in or out, cross bar in or out, take off the targa backband and it's now a roadster again, the only part that is permanent on the car is that windshield brow.

But, with that being said - the obvious company that should take this on is FFR, and DS has expressed interest in the past - even said to get with him in the future when their plate was cleared up a bit, well the future is here. If my forum buddies made their interests known to FFR, then that might help this project get back on track even quicker.

I'm open to any offers and ideas to keep this item moving forward.

All the best, Don
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