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I'm going with installing a fog light in the lower rear wheel well alumninum as a back up light. I intended originally to install the mini light, however I decided a cleaner look with the hidden back up light. BTW - I converted the mini light as a interior trunk light (works great).

My question is two fold:

1. Where is the backup light harness located on the T-5?
2. Is this correct? Run a fused "hot" wire to the T-5 backup light switch. Second wire from the switch is wired to the + wire on the backup light. Backup light ground wire is then attached to the frame.



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Hi Tony,

I wired mine up the same way - the switch is on the drivers side near the front and looks like two threaded rods sticking out of the T-5. Don't be tricked into trying every size nut you have because none of them will fit - the rods are not threaded, they just look like it.

I ended up soldering the wires onto the terminals and they work fine. Your wiring suggestion is the same as I used. Instead of fog lamps I used small LED bulbs and mounted them to the fuel tank strap.

Good luck,

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