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I've realized a new Coyote and trans is no longer in the budget. So I have been staring at ebay / salvage auctions of 4.6 modulars and my eyes hurt.

What does the transmission wiring harness provide? More to the point, If I go with a standalone ECU (Megasquirt) do I even care? Is there some electronic magic in the trans, or is it just speed / gear info?

Why I feel this is relevant: If I'm going to do this salvage style, having less wires and a custom ECU seems perferable to the factory ECU.

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The only things plugged into the 3650 are the speed sensor and the reverse gear switch. But also loomed into that same harness are the O2 sensor wires, presumably because they run close to where the O2 sensors are before and after the cats on the stock Mustang.

If you're doing a custom controller anything's possible.

Personally I question the logic of a custom ECU for a stock 4.6 because so many more people have gone down the path of a dieted factory harness / re-programmed stock ECU that you are likely to have many more questions answered. But it's your car, do as you wish.
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