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Since my T5 is still in good shape and I am planning to have more torque than it can handle long term, I decided to sell it as long as its worth something.

I choose the 600 over the 500 because of the gear ratios and also because somebody local is selling one so I can save a lot on shipping, taxes etc.

So far, I have most of the parts for the T5 from my donor and some I bought new.
a) Breeze driveshaft - I know I have to change out the yoke for a different one.
b) King Cobra clutch set - where I need to switch out the disc for a 31 spline model, right?
c) Bellhousing which I need to switch for the Tremec model, going aluminum with ballistic blanket to save weight
d) Block plate - no idea if the T5 one will fit
e) Clutch fork - can I reuse it?
f) clutch opening cover - ditto?
g) What about the bolts motor-tranny, tranny-bell etc? These are a pain to get here so it would be great to know if I can reuse the ones I have now.

Any tips on these parts and additional insights are appreciated!


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Things you need to change:

1. Bellhousing - similar to T5 except the transmission bolt pattern is different. You should be able to reuse all of your donor bolts and your block plate. Should be same clutch fork and dust cover.

2. Driveshaft - you will need a 31 spline yoke to mate with the TKO

3. If it has a 26 spline input shaft (I believe it does), you will need a new clutch plate with a 26 spline center. Ford does sell one. Don't forget to resurface your flywheel.

All the parts you need are Ford items since they installed Tremec's from the factory.

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I switched from T5 to tremec 500.
New 31 spline yoke, new bellhousing (remember to center the tranny!!), same fork, same clutch (might be different in your case regarding your inputshaft....), same clutchcable, same t-o-bearing.
However, I cut off the F5 gearboxmount in the rear tubular-frame-part to make the gearbox slide up nice and easy. The Tremec is harder to get into place than the T5 unless you don´t move the engine forward about 10 cm....
Email me if you want anything, auf wiedersehen.

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Hi Lucas,
You'll need a new bellhousing either a Tremec aluminum bellhousing $169.00. Mcleod or Lakewood both have a steel bellhousing bellhousing. The McLeod will accept either the T-5 or Tremec TKO.
The TKO 600 is only made in a GM 26-spline input so a new disc will be replaced. A 31-spline yoke will be needed too. The tailhousing boss will need to be removeed to clear the FFR chassis. A mishifter is also a nice addition to. I have everything in stock.
Call me with any questions.
Mike Forte
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