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Hi guys,

Besides building my Cobra, my hobby is collecting hobbies. I build fishing rods, am a woodworker, metal fabricator, build amplifiers and speakers/subwoofers, construction, fishing, martial arts, shooting... you name it. I have tried it or am dying to try it. Anyway I'm always soldering something for one hobby or another or to fix my boat electronics or travel trailer solar/battery system. I watched an Adam Savage youtube video where he was building a soldering station and I thought it was really slick so I ordered up the goods to do the same. Glad I did because it is amazing for the price and portability.


1. DeWalt 20v battery or any 12-20v supply (if you have DeWalt 20v system like I do that was free otherwise any 12-20v 2A power supply with 5.2mm plugs)
2. Lukcase TS 100 digital USB soldering iron: Robot Check - $64.99
3. Aven 17530 soldering stand (if you even need one) https://tinyurl.com/uhw6agv - $7.37
4. Lanmu USB power source (other brands/types but this one includes the cable) LANMU Battery Adapter for Dewalt 18V/20V Lithium Ion Battery,TS100 Soldering | eBay - $29.78

Adams video:

The Lukcase soldering iron is small and FAST. I'm used to my weller soldering station that takes a couple minutes to come to temperature. Like other soldering irons, this one has variable temperature but in a small package that heats up to 300 degrees in 15 seconds. Good soldering stations can do the same but I'm loving the price and format for the amazing portability and precision on smaller jobs. Thought I'd pass it along.

Pictures of my setup:





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Cool post, thanks for sharing. It looks like an easy and reliable set-up! Thanks again.


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