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Also posted on the FFR Forum, but thought I'd inquire here also ...

The on-line MK4 build site recommends (talks about) adding supports for the relatively heavy ignition and headlight switches to keep them straight/level/horizontal ...

Dash Construction [FFR Roadster]

Couple related questions:

1. Has anyone done this? If "yes", how did you do it .... if different from what's noted on the build site?

2. Has anyone NOT done some sort of switch support ... and wish they had done so?

Lastly, the FFR supplied dash is 0.040 thick. Many of us (included me) have changed to a thicker dash (0.063 in most cases).

Any thoughts on the thicker/heavier dashes making this (supporting heavy switches) NOT be an issue or concern?

Thanks for any feedback and/or experience


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It could be talking about using the Mustang switches. If so, there were small aluminum pieces sent with the kit that were bent in a 90 degree bend that reached from the lower inside tab of the dash panel forward to the 2x2. They had square openings in them and were used to mount the Mustang switches as well as stiffen the lower edge of the dash. Whether you use the Mustang switches or not you need to stiffen the lower edge of the dash by connecting it to the 2x2.

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switch supports

The Mk4Build.com Manual recommends a support plate because the Ron Francis switches are otherwise difficult to support without stressing the dashboard given their weight and shape. Without a support plate, the switches must hang entirely from their respective shafts using only a grip around the small hole in the dash for support.

In the build that is the reference car for the Mk4Build.com Manual, a support plate worked extremely well, and the switches are tight and secure some three years later.

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I'm using the under dash filler panel from Michael Everson. where i located the FFR light switch and ignition switch the back of the switches are pretty close to the filler panel. I am using a delrin spacer double stick taped to the filler panel to support the bottom back edge of the switch. Done.

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Using a vintage Mustang ignition switch in the stock FFR Mk 3 dash and no issues with movement or slop after four years.

Headlight switch I mounted in between the dash hoop and pedal box 3/4-inch tubing just above the dash 2x2 to get it off the dash (minimize the switch look)...

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