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I'm in the process of building a FFR Roadster and I want to get a concensus of what size wheels and tires that guys are running in the front and rear. I know its subjective, but humor me (and give reasons why).


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OK, I'll start. 15" GT40's because I like to look of 15's and the one piece construction of GT40's.
7.5" wide in front with 235/60's, 9.5" wide in rear with 275/50's.

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There is no concensus on this topic.

You will have to decide if you want the vintage period look or the modern look or something different of a mixture of all three approaches.

Be sure to check out Wheel Gallery Input where many have posted their latest and greatest styles like the two beauties posted above by Tom Keiser and Tim Whittaker.

Let us know what you descide.


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If you want to be period correct, you need 15" Halibrands. They can be pin drive for pure authenticity, or bolt on. The down side is they don't make high performance tires in 15". And if you want monster brakes, you can't use 15" wheels.

The alternative is to use 17" Halibrands. Not purely authentic, but close. And you can get Z rated tires in 17". Big brakes are no problem with 17" rims

Lastly, there are thousands of aftermarket rims in sizes from 17" to 20". Be careful though, as anything larger than 18" looks funny on a small car like a Cobra.


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There's another issue with wheel size: Ride quality. My 15" tyres have more compliance and a nicer ride on the frost-heaved roads around Doo Dah. Might not be an issue for you in the Valley of the Sun.

What type of driving will you be doing the most? Performance? AutoX, Marque Racing etc? Go for 16's or 17's. You'll get a much bigger and better choice of performance skins and better handling to boot.

Street cruises and Show and Shines? Go for the ride and the vintage look. They're much more forgiving if you hit a curb or pot hole as well.


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