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Hi Everyone. I have been waiting a long time to build a car and I have officially purchased a 33 Hot Rod V2. This is my first build, but I am going to try to keep the build quality as high as possible (within reason) while building mostly on my own….but with the help of you guys and some friends when needed... in my own garage. I plan on doing most of the body work and possibly final paint, but we will see. I know when to farm it out if needed. However, I would really like to learn that side of it.
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The car I am building consist of a Coupe Top, Extra Clearance Hood & Sides, Bike Fenders, Rear Exhaust, Chrome Steering Wheel, A/C Heat, Leather Bench Seat, 4 link Moser, Power Steering, 4L65e Trans and an LS Engine which I have already rebuilt.

The kicker in all this is that I am vlogging the whole thing on my Street Rod Jim YouTube channel. Unlike other channels, I will be going through the whole process as much as possible, so people get a real idea of what it takes to do any of these FFR builds. I am also posting a lot of research, cost analysis, the engine build, how to find an engine, my experience at the factory five build school etc… I will update build cost and such as I go since it will be an ongoing weekly vlog. I hope this vlog/build brings much information to the community and onlookers wanting to get into the community in a different format than normal. I am a visual person myself, so I know there are others that will benefit from this type of format.

I have already posted all my research and such. (Even some C5 corvette videos which will interest the GTM followers) Now that I am actually ready to build the 33 Hot Rod, I am finally starting my official build thread. I am super excited and know that I will bang my head against the wall a few times. But whatever happens, it will be caught on camera. LOL!

Thanks to the Factory Five team for all their help.
you end up injecting errors in the video and do more harm for the novice builder than helping.
241 - 260 of 260 Posts