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I haven't done a test on this but in the Factory Five brochure they say somewhere that the stopping distance was considerably shorter with the FMS rear disc kit. I can't remember the numbers but they were impressive. Imagine what a Cobra disc setup would do. Even if the differences in stopping distances were small, discs will fade less after a few hard stops. New high performance cars all have 4 wheel disc and with a Cobra's rear wieght bias, I would think rear disc would be even more helpful. If set up properly, the stock FFR setup is more than adequate for street use, but most of us have more than stock horsepower levels, so it might be a good idea to upgrade brakes along with your motor for safety reasons. My advice is try the stock setup and see if you like it. It is pretty easy to change. I have spent more time on brakes than on any other part, but brakes are the last thing I want to fail or be inadequate. Check out this site for a bunch of info on brake swaps:

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There should be no difference if the disc/drum or disc/disc systems are working properly for hard panic stops. Distances will be the same. However, if pushed ie; many hard panic stops for testing, autocross or roadcoursed the drums will heat up and began a fading process in your braking needed.

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cold stop distances should be pretty much the same.

the problem with drums is when they heat up they are not round anymore and really fade. disks can take LOTS more heat and dissipate it better.

on the street or for autocross you rarely get the brakes even warm so it doesnt matter much.

ive had both on my car and both were fine.

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