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Stock oil pressure sender extension

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I'm looking for a stock extension part that the oil pressure sender attaches to. I used brass fittings which have been leaking. The junkyards around here close before I get out of work, and I haven't been able to get to one on a Saturday morning.

I called the local Ford dealer, and the counter person said they don't sell it. If anyone has a part # that would help, as this person didn't want to help me too much.

Thanks all.
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Nearly all of the Mustang supply stores cvarry them, and they are pretty cheap. That's the problem - they are cheap. They are made from cast aluminum and I've managed to break a few over the years.

Use a pair of NPT-AN fittings and a short piece of -6 hose. Then you can mount the sender anywhere you want. If you mount it pointing down, the oil won't drain out while sitting, and you'll get an instant reading.
Of course, you have to secure it to something. You don't want anything banging around loose under there. A simple $.50 padded hose clamp fits very nicely. And you can attach it to any convenient spot - head, oil pan, frame rail, crossmember, fender panel, etc. It works well, provides a tremendous amount of flexibility, and looks trick.
Of course, if you have a remote filter mount, you can always mount your pressure sender in an AN fitting at the block input point and use the pressure hole for a temp sender. That lets you know the pressure and temp of the oil being fed into your engine, after the filter and cooler.
Just pointing out some options.
No, don't have any pictures. I sold the last car I did that to. Eventually, I'll be using the same type of set up on this car.

But it's actually pretty straight forward. You are simply replacing the cast alum tube with a flexible tube.
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