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Definitely a CarPC setup is best / coolest, I fully agree.

I built one for my Boxster S in the past.
You can actually do it much cheaper, as you don't need so much power (unless you need 1080P HD on the 7 inch screen :) )

Mobo: Via chip integrated Mini ITX or Nano ITX, around $ 80
CPU: built in (at least 1 GHz!)
Ram: 1 GB should do
HDD: a 2,5" will be fine, if you cushion it a bit
PSU - M4-ATX 250W $79 - very good, essential in a CarPC
USB blue-tooth receiver - $20
noname USB GPS receiver - $35
OS - Win XP, use a shrinking program, bring it to around 200 MB, very fast that way - $0 if you're smart ;)
Centrafuse CarPC integration with Navteq Maps - $0 if you're smart... $129 if you're not ;) - for sure the best program by far, been using it for a long time
M350 Universal Mini-ITX case - $50, if needed, I had mine built into the center console, nothing visible

I had it set so that the PC turns on when the ignition is turned, and shuts down (Hibernate) when key removed. That way, I never had to consciously turn it on or off, it just worked.

Hook up front / rear cameras, OMDB II, Wifi, DVD drive (had a slot in, where you just saw the slot) etc. etc.
Have to find a picture of the setup...

I'd personally build a car pc:

Screen: Lillyput 629 Capacitive Double Din (Best resolution for it's size) - $300
PC Components:
Mobo - ECS H55H-I Mini ITX Motherboard LGA1156 (VGA/HDMI/DVI out) - $140
CPU - Intel Core i3 - $130
Mem - Corsair XMS 3 4GB - $64
HD - OCZ Colossus Solid State Drive 120GB - $180
PSU - M4-ATX 250W $79
USB blue-tooth receiver - $20
Garmin USB GPS receiver - $85
OS - Win7 64 bit - $0 if you're smart... $240 if you're not ;)
Centrafuse CarPC integreation with Navteq Maps - $0 if you're smart... $129 if you're not ;)
M350 Universal Mini-ITX case - $50

Total - $1332 if software is paid for... $963 if not...

Boot up time 15-20 sec. Those of you that have had any AVIC HU know this is significantly faster than those head units.

YouTube - Centrafuse 3 Preview - mp3Car AFK Fest 2009

You'd probably have to fab up an amp rack under the dash to hold all the goodies though (pc and two amps). Do I think it's worth it? Most definitely.

G/L with your build :)
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