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Just fit up my starter and I find that the drive gear only engages about half or less (app. 1/8") of the depth of the flywheel teeth when it's fully extended. This is on a 351w with McLeod BH & block plate, 157t Ford stock flywheel. Nothing radical about the setup. I've had to do the typical McLeod grinding on the block plate starter hole to line it up but this is a whole new problem.
My first thought (guess) was that I had the wrong starter with a too short snout, but a half hour at my Autozone store going through just about every Ford starter on the shelf convinced me and a very annoyed clerk that there isn't another length to be had.

Assuming this to be true, the only other solution I could come up with is to put a spacer between the engine block and the block plate to move the starter back toward the flywheel and engage more of the teeth. There is plenty of space between it and the flywheel. It would solve my problem, but I'm really not too wild about this option for obvious reasons, the main one being that it seems like a hack job.

Anybody got any ideas, crazy or otherwise. It seems that there was a post a long time ago regarding the same problem, but now of course I can't find it.
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