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To our guests and members:
The Sponsoring Manufacturer & Vendor Forum is specifically designed to help our sponsors provide information and promote their products and/or services. This is not a forum for you to complain about or criticize them. Needless to say, we would be grateful if you could please observe the following rules when visiting this particular forum:

1. Please be respectful to our sponsors.
2. If you are NOT a sponsor, please refrain from starting new threads in this forum. The software should prevent this, but I thought I would say it anyway.
3. If you are a sponsor and do not see 4 red stars under your name, please contact Bill so that you will have the ability to post in this forum section.
4. If you have questions regarding the product(s) and/or services being promoted in threads created by our sponsors, please feel free to ask.
5. If you don't like the product(s) and/or services being promoted by our sponsors, please keep your opinions to yourself.
7. Flaming/Trolling our sponsors will not be tolerated.
8. Group Buys are only allowed by current banner advertisers.

Our sponsors help make it possible for FFCars.com to exist and if you enjoy the great wealth of information and the wonderful community it provides, please help support us by supporting them.

We have a simple set of rules for complaining about poor service or product problems. Please read the FFCars.com Bill of Rights about Vendor Relations & Experiences. If you are still not satisfied and think the vendor is being unreasonable, please contact Bill. We need to know which advertisers are not delivering on services/products. Be sure you have your facts right before contacting us because we will that very seriously and may even not renew a vendors ads.

To manufacturers, vendors or dealers who are sponsors of FFCars.com:
Please keep all threads and posts confined to the products and/or services that you offer only. As a current advertiser you can delete, close, and edit your own topics in this forum area. That allows you to run specials and then delete/close them when they are over.

To manufacturers, vendors or dealers who are NOT sponsors of FFCars.com:
Unless you are a sponsoring advertiser of FFCars.com, it is our policy to not allow the open promotion and/or solicitation of products, services, websites and/or phone numbers by manufacturers, vendors or dealers on this forum (or anywhere on FFCars.com) or through private messages. This would include a user name, signature and/or user profile that contains your business name, phone number, website address or direct link back to it. All posts by non-sponsoring manufacturers, vendors or dealers will be deleted immediately.

If you would like to become a sponsoring advertiser, please contact Bill
for details.

Thank you!
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