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I am just getting the parts list together to talk to a local guy that just deals in Mustangs. He does not have anything older than 2001's. Will the spindles and rear be ok to use or do I need to get something older? He tells me that even though the new Mustangs run 17" wheels that I can still use 15". He recommended this because he said they went to a much better brake package in 2001...twin pistons. Another question...The steering shaft, does the kit have everything or do I need another part from a donor, I opted for the manual rack. Where does the turn signal go? I have seen stalks on some cars and none on others? Is this something I will need from a donor. I did get the carburated wiring harness from FFR.
Thanks Everyone

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It's my understanding any Mustang from 87-94 will work on the MK III. I am unsure however that the rotor's from an 01 will fit inside a 15" wheel, my guess would be they will not work.
The kit will come with everything you need for the steering with the exception of the rack.
The turn signal, using the donor Mustangs, will mount to the left of the steering column under the dash.

Hope this helps
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To clarify a little more...

Usable spindles can be found on V-8 Mustangs from '87-'93, which are four lug. These are refered to as Fox spindles.

'94-'95 V-6 and V-8 Mustangs have a spindle with a sealed bearing and the same track width as the Fox, but are five lug. These are the most popular spindle to use and are called SN-95.

'96-'04 spindles are the same as the SN-95 listed above, but have a slightly wider track (8mm per side). This wider track could be a problem depending upon wheel choice, pin drive, etc. These are also referred to as SN-95, but some people call the '99 and later as SN-99 spindles due to the change in brake caliper on the '99-'04 cars.

A good primer to read about piston/caliper type and options is www.sn95brakes.com.

Some aftermarket 12-inch brakes will fit inside a 15-inch wheel, though I am not 100% sure about the stock Mustang V-8 system. You will definitely not fit Cobra brakes (13-inch) inside anything less than a 17-inch wheel.

The kit comes with a preassembled steering shaft from your rack (donor or new) all the way to the steering wheel. Unless you do some sort of modification the shaft will work fine for you as is.

Since you are planning to use the AAW harness that FFR sells you can have turn signals one of three ways: a toggle on the dash, the donor column signal switch mounted under the dash, or an aftermarket solution on the steering column from several sources.

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