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Yes -- S-W gauges are real pieces of $hit!!!!

Welcome to my world. I just bought a new speedo head for $65 because my odometer crapped out at 9,999.9 miles. The little cheapo Mexican plastic parts obviously didn't have enough strength to add another wheel to turn!!!

Don't bother calling S-W's tech line. They will tell you to send the unit to a speedo repair shop. I called one and the guy (nicely) laughed at me. He said it would cost a few hundred to fix, IF he could get parts. He explained that his business repairs speedos for cars like Deusenbergs, etc. -- stuff you simply CAN'T buy any longer.

I ordered the new speedo from Speedway Motors out of Nebraska. They have a web site.

BTW, I used to be from your neck of the woods. Grew up and lived in Cranston RI many years.
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