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Speedometer Question???????

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Alrighty. I finally broke my stock Mustang speedometer (don't ask how). I have a new (mechanical) Autometer Speedo with 0 miles coming. I display 10,000 miles on my old Mustang speedo. What is the best way to put 10,000 miles on my new Autometer speedo (without driving it another 10,000 miles)? Any suggestions? I'm thinking a small electric motor attached to the speedo cable and several days later. Ideas?
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I have never done a aftermarket speedo but on the stock ones you have to (carefully)pull the pin. Rotate the numbers where you want and put it back in. Most of them have 1 full tooth then 1/2 tooth. It will go one ever other one. It will make sense when you look at it.
If the drill would spin it at 100MPH (I would bet it would be closer to 30MPH) It would take about 100 hours.
Jeff Hamilton
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