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Below is a post of the Schedule from Dan Elam. SEE YOUSGUYS there saturday.

Gonna be a great day for a Bikini Contest at 6PM. :rolleyes: :D :cool:


Hi all. Per request, here is the schedule for the NASA event this weekend:

11:00a 12:00n Novice
12:00n 12:15p Advanced
12:15p 12:28p PARRC Small Bore Practice
12:28p 12:43p Instructors
12:43p 1:03p SCCS Practice
1:03p 1:16p PARRC Big Bore Practice
1:16p 1:31p Novice
1:31p 1:44p Honda Challenge Practice
1:44p 1:59p HyperDrive
1:59p 2:12p PARRC Small Bore Practice
2:12p 2:22p BREAK
2:22p 2:37p Instructors
2:37p 2:57p SCCS Qualifying
2:57p 3:12p Intermediate
3:12p 3:27p Advanced
3:27p 3:40p PARRC Big Bore Qualifying
3:40p 3:55p Novice
3:55p 4:08p Honda Challenge Qualifying
4:08p 4:23p HyperDrive
4:23p 4:38p Intermediate
4:38p 4:51p PARRC Small Bore Qualifying
4:51p 5:01p BREAK
5:00p 6:00p Bikini Contest
5:01p 5:16p Instructors
5:16p 5:36p SCCS Qualifying
5:36p 5:51p Advanced
5:51p 6:11p PARRC Big Bore 14 Lap Race
6:11p 6:21p BREAK
6:21p 6:36p Novice
6:36p 7:01p Honda Challenge 14 Lap Race
7:01p 7:16p Intermediate
7:16p 7:41p PARRC Small Bore 14 Lap Race
7:41p 8:41p Drifting
10:00p All must be out of the track

8:00a 8:25a Instructors
8:25a 8:50a Advanced
8:50a 9:15a Novice Advanced
9:15a 9:35a HyperDrive
9:35a 10:00a Intermediate
10:00a 10:10a BREAK
10:10a 10:35a Instructors
10:35a 11:00a Advanced
11:00a 11:25a Novice Instructors
11:25a 11:45a HyperDrive
11:45a 12:10p Intermediate
12:10p 1:00p LUNCH
12:10p 1:00p TOURING LAPS
1:00p 2:00p SCCS
2:00p 2:15p Honda Challenge
2:15p 2:40p Novice
2:40p 3:10p PARRC Big Bore Practice
3:10p 3:35p Intermediate
3:35p 4:05p PARRC Small Bore 16 Lap Race
4:05p 4:30p Advanced
4:30p 4:45p Honda Challenge Qualifying
4:45p 5:10p Instructors
5:10p 5:40p PARRC Big Bore 16 Lap Race
5:40p 6:10p PARRC Small Bore 16 Lap Race
6:10p 6:40p Honda Challenge 16 Lap Race
9:00p All must be out of the track

The schedule doesn't show classroom times for the students, but you will be pretty busy. The Cobras run with Big Bore (along with American Iron and the Super Unlimited guys - which includes the Superformance cars).

As of last night there, were still a few Novice slots open. Intermediate and Advanced probably won't fill up until Thursday or Friday.

There is also a car show (geared a bit to the import crowd). The drifting contest was something NASA did at Summit Point for the first Hyper-fest. I confess that I was openly skeptical about how interesting this was going to be, but watching these guys drift these cars (sometimes with the guy getting out of the car in the middle of the drift!) was hugely entertaining. The pics don't do it justice, but you can see them at:


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