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Last night while taking my body off for painting I had an IDEA. Some top notch ffr builder/driver should build a spec racer for $20,000 and go win the RUN AND GUN. (or at least scare the He!! out of the Big Guys)

Can you build a spec racer with stock brakes, 327 mustang rear, 347 carbed engine and 3 link rear for $20000?? One set of race tires and one set of 17 inch wheels included.

There are a lot of nice ffr cars out there that cost less than $20k. What they spent on paint, the racer could spend on engine and BRAKE PADS.

Just a thought. But even if you could do it with Mr Super Driver for even $25k it would make a BIG IMPRESSION. Ill bet some of those guys have 100k plus in their run and gun cars.


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That would be too cool. I was thinking about putting together a team to run the Car & Driver One Lap for 2003, based on these same specs a good spec cars hould take the class for One Lap.

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>some of those guys have 100k plus in their >run and gun cars.

see, i am not the only guy targetinf mr borden

to be fast, you need development time, track time, testing time. pretty much nobody builds a car and is fast in it right away. all the little tuning stuff is what gives you the last second of speed and 1st place vs 8th place.


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FFR1046 won the Prepared Power Adder autocross & road race to take overall class Top Dog award at R&G 2001. She was built for under 30K and is piloted by my hubby
David also posted the 3rd fastest time on the road course overall. Not bad for an ol' FFR.

A spec racer may be competitive in the stock class but you would want a set of drag tires to be competitive in the drag race portion. David ran all of R&G on our Kumho V700's and the only thing he didn't win is the drags. Most other competitors were switching to wrinkle wall drag slicks for the drag race portion. I think it could be done and would be great to see!

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First, the spec racers all have the stock 5.0 motors so right away if you built the car just for R&G, with a bigger engine, you'd disqualify the car for competition in the spec racing series.

However it would be interesting just to see if someone could do it. BTW, most of the replicas at R&G cost well under $100k. My guess is the average cost of a Cobra at the four Run & Guns I attended was in the $30-$50k range. Also, the drag racing is won or lost by "breaking out" of your bracket, not by top speed or lowest ET. It's the most consistant driver, not the fastest, that wins.

I think that for a FFR to win the "Top Dog" and run the fastest in the road course event, you're gonna need the following:

A. A hellva good driver

B. A supercharged small block.

C. Suspension set up and changed for each of the three tracks. (road, auto-x and drag)

D. Kumho's or other good sticky tires. Plus some skinny front wheels for drag racing.

E. A HELLVA good driver.

F. Lots and lots of duct tape. (hey, it worked for the Smiths a few years ago!)


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