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SOVREN Racing second race "Festival of Speed" the season is in Spokane WA, the theme will be FORD. As part of this they will be featuring Cobras as the main FORD car, Allen Grant will be at the event with his car.

The event will take place on June 4/5 with test and tune June 3rd. There is a possibility to get the track on June 2nd if we have enough cars that want to do track day (I don't know what the final costs would be but figure $3500 for track + ambulance service).

We are looking to see how many challenge cars or race prepared cobras we can get to attend and race. So looking for race cobras in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, etc.

If interested please contact me [email protected]

SOVREN is also interested in having street cobras show up at the race, there is a car show in downtown Spokane where all the race cars drive down to the river/falls park area. This is a really nice event. So if you are looking for a fun weekend in Spokane come on over.
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