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Just before the holidays, someone posted a link to the Peter Brock site (BRE), some very cool archive image posters are available. I ordered one...

BRE: Art/Posters

A few weeks ago, I was using Google image search for Daytona Coupe, came across this image - CSX2300:

Kai Art International - Shelby

and its artist -

Kai Art International - HOME

I ordered a print of the Daytona - very cool and on heavy stock. (I didn't see any AC Cobra or "Roadster" images, though.)

Turns out this guy has an art studio and a car collection in the So Cal area. Visiting the studio and the car collection might be an interesting outing someday, when the weather is right and my car is finished. Er- the other way around.

Guys with finished cars, might want to go for it.

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