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FFR42xxK was a donor build but almost all of the donor parts have been replaced. It is titled in Maryland as a 1965 Fact. The original build was to be for a street car. That evolved over the years to one more focused on local AutoX while keeping street-ability. Almost everything from the donor was replaced during incremental upgrades. See the equipment list below. The car was built for a tall driver with Breeze seats tracks, riser blocks under the steering column, and the pedals adjusted to provide the most room possible. It has 14,058 miles on the odometer, with around 3,500 mile on new engine and trans.
Issues: The car has an idle problem; it will not hold a steady idle. It will either hunt, sweeping wider and wider or it will simple fall to zero and stall. The tires are getting old and will need to be replaced fairly soon, good tread, just old. The seats are the original FFR Street performers and have faded and are worn a bit. The top is worn. The gauges are the donor conversion set, they work but are not that attractive. These items have been factored into the sale price, so the price is firm.
I have been driving it less and less the past couple of years and now my back and my knees will not let me lean over the car to do the work needed to fix it. I do have a replacement dash in the works with some gauges, and new vinyl for the soft-top, both are included.
FFR upper & lower control arms
600 lb springs (450 stock)
VPN Sway bar
Quick ratio power steering rack
Offset steering rack bushings
SN95 spindles (5 lug and brake upgrade)
Whitby Motorcars SAI Kit
Quick jack grommets (Front quick jacks not installed, but included)
Air duct screens
Air duct with Attwood fans both side

Engine Compartment
Ford 306 built
Canton Oil pan
Y303 heads
Keith Black KB Performance Pistons KB116030-8 (Summitt)
Ford “Cobra” cam (P/N: F3ZE-CA)
1.7 Ford Roller rockers
Ford Cobra intake,
70mm ProM MAF
70mm BBK throttle body
24lb injectors
T5z Transmission (new 2012)
Denny’s Driveshaft Cobra Pkg (New balanced driveshaft for FFR)
Drive shaft loop
FFR 4 into 4 exhaust
Windshield wiper (driver side - marine wiper)
FFR hood hinge

Rear & Trunk
3.08 rear gears
315 frame mod mod
FFR 3 link rear suspension upgrade
Cobra disk brakes on new 5 lug axles
Timken rear wheel bearing package
FFR rear control arms
VPM adjustable sway bar
VPM coil over shocks / springs
Brake proportioning valve (behind driver seat)
Trailer hitch with cover (used with tire trailer)
Brake / turn signal trailer controller upgrade (1 turn & 1 brake else 2 brake)
Breeze Automotive trunk mounted power shutoff switch w/ 10A bypass
Below trunk floor battery box
Carpeted trunk
Hidden trunk hinges

Passenger Compartment
Vintage air heater (defroster NOT configured)
Dark Water Customs dead pedal box
Cruise control hookups (CC in a box included)
Side wind deflectors
Sun visors
Soft top - old style w/ hard windows
12v power outlet in cockpit (not switched, 15A fused)
FFR Street Performer seats
Breeze adjustable seat mounts
Glove box
Padded door panels w/ pockets
Upgraded indoor outdoor carpet
Dynamat (like) sound mat under carpet
Nylon cockpit cover
Dash steering column hole insert
FFR Leather wrapped steering wheel

Lexus Green body / Chrysler silver stripes
Dual roll bar - gloss black painted
Roll bar grommets and polished trim rings from Mike Everson
Rear quick jacks - painted silver (front are in box)
Chrome CobraR wheels
Sumitomo 275w / 315w HTR Z Tires
Side mirrors

PM here or email me at prices1950 at gmail dot com include FFR in the subject.
Picture available on request until I figure out how to post some here.

Please, serious inquiries only

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Sold - Sad to say goodbye but it is time.
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