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(To keep this post on topic, it includes pictures of Factory Five Cobras and their owners/builders)

Well, after work I stopped by the New Location of ONLY YESTERDAY Classic Autos ( http://www.oldautos.com ).
The So Cal Shelby Club had our monthly meeting there today.

Here are a few images of the event.
The owner of Only Yesterday, Chuck has a superb collection of Classic and modern Cars that rivals that of the one that belongs to Jay Leno.

He has some very exotic and expensive cars including a Lambo Murcielago, etc. but here's the star of today:

Only Yesterday is the authorized builder of Shelby Cobras (from Shelby) in Southern California, you will see pictures of an Original 427 Cobra being rebuilt, more pictures of an Original red 289 Cobra that also belongs to Chuck and a few more images of replicas, including a few FFRs, I could not drive mine to the meeting today but Ken Bush did drive his, here's Ken next to that 427 Shelby Cobra being rebuilt:

You will also see some images of a very unique car... a (and probably the only one in existance), a 1957 Teverbaugh and Kirkland Bonneville Special that ran "D" Modified at Bonneville in 57, 58 and 59, has appeared many times in several Magazines, winner of the 1957 Oakland Roadster Show and the FIRST car to use a parachute at Bonneville.

here are a couple of pictures of FFRs:

here the Blue One is a FFR and the Red One a continuation Cobra, the Miata is a Monster Miata:

The REST of the Pictures I took are Here:



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