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Hey Guys,
I have a few parts I would like to part with!!

Smiths 5" tach part number RVC2816-00CB looking to get $150, its new but I do not have the hold down clamps or pigtail that plugs in the back.

2 lighted toggle switches, just on off 12V 20 amp with a red light at the end $2 each

3 red toggle switch covers and 1 blue $5 each

4 speed shift knob old Mustang or Cobra, the thread is 1/2"-20 and its two piece, used but in nice shape. $10

Speedway female heim joints for mechanical throttle linkage 2 RH 1/4-20 and 2 RH 3/8-24. $5 each

Shipping is included for simplicity.

Thanks for looking.



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