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SOLD SOLD SOLD USED and modified for FFR cobra kit Small Block Ford McLeod SFI Bellhousing $250 plus shipping from 89148

$469.99 from summit racing

Call or Text

702 423-3472

Brand McLeod RACING
Manufacturer's Part Number 8660
Part Type Bellhousings
Product Line McLeod SFI Bellhousings
Summit Racing Part Number MCL-8660

SFI-Approved Yes
Block Plate Included Yes
Bellhousing Bore Diameter (in) 4.850 in.
Bellhousing Depth (in) 6.924 in.
Bellhousing Type New
Clutch Fork Included No
Adjustable Fork Pivot Recommended Yes
Bellhousing Material Steel
Bellhousing Finish Gold iridited
Quantity Sold individually.
Notes Includes two register rings.

These bellhousings from McLeod are designed to meet SFI 6-1 specs. In the event of a flywheel or clutch explosion, these bellhousings will contain the explosion, thereby protecting the driver from flying shrapnel and debris.


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