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sidepipe clearance needed

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I know this has gone over before but I cannot seem to find the link.

What is the minimum clearance I shouls have between the sidepipes and the body?

I have 4 into 4 headers on a 302.

factory cut-outs

The driver side exhaust is about 1" high and1/2" too far back.

I am about to cut them larger, I just want to know how much?

And is this normal to be off by this amount?

Thanks for any input!
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I have mine pretty close, about 3/8" on all sides w/ 4x4 headers (jet hotted). 15,000 miles, no problems w/ paint. However, you'll need solid or poly mounts to run them that close w/o hitting under acceleration.
Not that much. I have one of the first sets of 4x4 headers. They've changed jigs at least twice since mine were built.

One pipe was too far forward and too high. THe other was too far to the rear, and too low. I was able to straighten out the high/low business by tilting the engine just a wee bit. I had to trim the cutouts to get the correct front/back clearance. Nothing was off by more than 3/8-1/2" though.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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