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I know that is probably a dumb question. I assumed that the engine should be centered in the hood opening and therefore the chassis as well. No such luck here. I hadn't really noticed it being off before since I don't have paint or stripes to use as a judge. Tonight I tried to fit the oval Cobra air cleaner and that was enough to make it noticeable. The body is centered on the car as good as possible using the front suspension and fenderwells as a guide point. The rear is the same way. I spent lots of time getting the body centered over the tires. The 3/4" hood opening support bars don't line up perfectly but who's does. Anyway, the engine is also spot on level from various points or measurement. The engine is on the same level plane as the chassis. I measured the engine center to the hood opening edges and it is about 2 inches difference. I figure that is about 1" off to one side. What gives? Is it supposed to be centered? With the body centered and the engine level I don't know what could be making it not centered. I am not that experienced with Fords but my distributor cap is a good bit tilted. It is obviously more tilted than the engine so I thought that must be how it was supposed to be. Any help would be appreciated.

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