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Mert, the 235/70SRX15’s have an OD of 27.8” and the 235/60SRX15’s have an OD of 26.1”. Although the SW and TD aren’t too far off the OD difference is way off... varying by over 1-1/2”. The front 235/70 series rubber is too tall. You’ll inevitably have clearance issues. Check out the following sizes I’ve mounted on 2286... you’ll find the OD of the front and rear sets are very close. It’s enough to keep me happy and 2286 looking good. Just remember the larger the tire the more critical backspacing becomes... to center that baby exactly where you want it.

On the street I’m running DOT approved BFGoodrich Radial T/A RWL 295/50SRX15 on the rear with a TW of 9.5” and an OD of 26.7” and 235/60SRX15 on the front with a TW of 7.6” and an OD of 26.1”.

On a second set of PSE Rims I have Goodyear Eagle Sports Car Special Rain Slicks LWL Vintage 2003 in 26.5-10.5-15 (#2547) on the rear with a TW of 10.2” and an OD of 26.5” and 26.5-8.0-15 (#2546) on the front with a TW of 7.9” and an OD of 26.2”

Note: The above Goodyear ESCS Vintage Rain Slicks are the original height Cobra tires and are made for the original Cobra today. However they are Treaded Rain Slicks and are Not DOT approved.

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