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Shock Noise

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Rcently, several of the guys who have the new silver coil overs have made comments about them being really noisy. Can anyone elaborate on this? Do they clunk, squeak, rattle or hum or what? What's FFR's position on this? Would it be smarter to just delete these from my order and then outsource them from the previous supplier or does FFR have a "fix" in the pipe?
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Just for info. I have a pair of Pro-shocks for the rear and an unlabeled pair of sliver colored shocks for the front. Doesn't FFR state in their information pack that they supply Pro-Shocks with the kits? If they are not including Pro-Shocks, who's shocks are they? I am no where near ready to put my car on the road and don't no yet if the shocks will be noisy or not. Hope this gets corrected or figured out....

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