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I just thought that I would share with the forum, a couple of Freight Classes and NMFC numbers that are next to impossible to find online.

A lot of people are shipping transmissions all over the country for re-builds, or to sell to other people.

Automotive Transmission:
NMFC#: 19940
Class: 85

Automotive Seats:
NMFC#: 172670-04
Class: 150

I found out that the freight classes that apply to specific items shipped can vary widely, causing the rate that you THINK that you're supposed to pay to be lower than the rate that you end up getting billed for...

Insurance for the shipment averages around $3.00 / per $100.00 of value. So if you have a $10,000.00 transmission, you'll pay $300.00 to insure it (which was more than the cost to ship in my case).

Transit Times:
The number of days to ship is mis-leading in many cases.
Online, it showed 4 days to ship to my destination. When I spoke to the person by phone, I was told that it would take 6 business days from pick up. The pick up from your house to the origin terminal is 1 day, and the delivery to who you're shipping to adds Another day to what they quote online. (Apparently the transit times online are strictly Terminal to Terminal).

I find it irritating to try and get a quote directly from the carrier, online. You have to call them directly to set up shipments. Otherwise you are forced to use quote companies online.

Again, I just thought I would pass some of this along, and maybe reduce some of your future frustration...
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