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I've had to make filler/patch panels for a few cars here where there was already a huge hole cut in that panel and I had to "fix" it. Problem with a "universal fit" panel is that the wiper box is going to end up in a different position on everyone's car. I cut all of my wiper boxes down to gain more room for the hoses to come thru. If you haven't cut your wiper box down, or have it slid over toward the RH side too far, the panel won't fit. If you still have time to change things around, I would gladly cut a "patch panel" for you with the vent hose holes already cut into it. Then you can get it to fit where you want it. I've got it all drawn up already......all I have to do is load up the material and push "Go". Shoot me an email thru the address on my website and I can fix you up if that's what you want. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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