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Well, finally time to graduate #6458! Many thanks to all on this forum for your support and inspiration that went into building this dream. I, like others had wanted a car like this since I was a kid and saw a real one some where, some time, some place but it took another 33yrs for me to realize my dream.
A special thanks to Gordon Levy whose products and expertise run throughout the build. Back when I was in Iraq in 2008 I contacted him back in Arizona and told him what I wanted and he gave me the guidance I needed to design and build the car I wanted. A road racing, drag racing, show car that was made to prowl the American road ways.


Here are the specifics:
Mk 3.1
Base Kit
Powder Coated Chassis
Ron Francis Harness
Chrome Roll Bar

Levy Racing Stage 5.5 408c.i. 633hp/570tq at Flywheel
Fully Forged Internals, Balanced and Blueprinted
Brodix Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Levy Custom Hydraulic Roller Cam (specs a business secret)
Edelbrock Super Victor Intake
Proform 850cfm Carb
MSD Billet Distributor
Levy Custom Made Headers and Side Pipes (Thanks to Travis Blazer at LR East)
Custom Mechanical Throttle Linkage
Lokar Pccelerator pedal
Mallory Comp-140 Fuel Pump w/ Mallory Return Style Regulator, AN-8 feed, AN-6 Return. Stainless Steel Lines Front to Back w/ LS Billetworks Line Clamps
Levy Racing Ron Davis Radiator With Twin Electric Fans and Shroud
Canton Overflow TanK
Cobra Earl’s Thermostat mount
Mocal Oil Cooler Kit from Fortes w/Earl’s Thermostat
ESS Fire Suppression System w/ 5 Zone Nozzles From Apex Performance

Levy Racing Super T-5 Plus Upgraded Main Shaft and Shift Forks
Quicktime Bellhousing
Quartermaster Clutch/Aluminum flywheel
Fortes Hydraulic Slave Cylinder
Fortes Driveshaft Safety Loop

Levy Racing Billet Lower Control Arms
FFR Upper Control Arms
Levy Racing Competition Bump Steer (relocates the rack down and forward)
Whitby’s SAI Mod
SN95 Front Spindles From Breeze Automotive
18:1 Manual Steering Rack
Levy Racing Double Adjustable Koni Shocks w/Eibach springs
Levy Racing 5-Link Rear Suspension w/ Billet Control Arms
8.8 Solid Axle Narrowed 2.5” Each Side by Travis Blazer at Levy Racing East
Torsen T-2 Differential, 3.55 Gear Ratio
Moser 31 Spline Axles

Levy Racing Willwood Ultra Narrow 6-Piston Fronts, 4-Piston rear (w/integrated parking brake) 12.9” slotted front rotors, 12” rear rotors
Fortes Willwood Master Cylinder and Pedal Assembly
CNC Triple Hydraulic Reservoirs from Fortes
All Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Lokar Tunnel Top Mounted E-Brake From North Racecars (modded for more leverage by me)
Hurst Roll Control (Line Lok)

Wheels and Tires:
Half Polished Halibrand Style 17x8 Front, 17x10.5 Rear From North Racecars
Nitto 555 245x17 Rront, Mickey Thompson E/T Street Radials 315x17 Rear

FFR Leather Roadster Seats
Bentley Carpet From Miami Corps w/Instabind Edging
Second Skin Audio Insulation Kit
Billet Door Hinges From Casey Designs
Mike’s Replica Parts Underdash Panel
Competition Dash From Tristate’s Motorsports
Speedhut Cobra Gauges With GPS Speedo
Harness Trim Bezel’s From Whitby’s
FFMetal Enlarged Footboxes
Dark Water Customs Glove Box and Lower Door Sill Trim
Breeze Automotive Quick-Release Steering Wheel Mount
Dark Water Customs Drivers Footbox Dead Pedal
Speedway Motors Electronic Blinker Module w/Dash Mounted Push Buttons
Transmission Tunnel Vents From Summit Racing
Breeze Automotive Seat Mounts
Cobra Heat Seat Heaters
Stainless Cup Holders
Dark Water Customs Rearview Mirror Mount
Herb’s Custom Door Panels in Leather w/Carbon Fiber Insert
Dark Water Customs Glove Box in rear bulkhead

Body and Paint by Performance Automotive
-Lexus Indigo Ink w/ Custom Blend Pearl White Stripes
-Maier Racing GT500 Hood Vents
-Hood Scoop w/Buttonhead Stainless Screws.
-Hood extended 1” Under Scoop
-Rolled Cockpit Edges
Finishline Badges
Finishline Stainless Quickjacks, Sleeves and Grommets
FFR Brake Duct Mesh
Performance Automotive Stainless Side Louvers
Breeze Automotive Hood and Trunk Hinges
Breeze Automotive Billet Side Mirrors
FFR Wind Wings and Sun Visors
Lodestone Billet Works Quick Release Windshield Mount (windshield laid back 5 degrees by me)
Tangent Blind Roll Bar Mount
FFR Carbon Fiber Spats


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Dude, that car is beautiful! I am in envy. Looks like you are running those pipes like our old friend EFNFAST. I see no mufflers...:shifty:

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Very, very nice build. Be careful with all that power. Let's see some engine pictures.

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Don, I kept the Augers in my side pipes, still beefy though, LOL. Alex (EFN) I think ran his wide open. There's a sound clip at idle on my Photobucket site.

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It's a K&N filter top with a Moroso Drop Base bottom. Needed to lower it due to the height of the Super Victor Intake on the tall deck block. Thanks for the compliments.


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Man, what a good looking car! Love the hood louvers and extra shiny bits, and the 408 looks awesome. Well done.

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Congratulations on getting it done. Great looking car! :thumbup:

I like the hood louvers and bolt on scoop too.

Can you post some photos of the exhaust and LCA's?

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that is one beautiful car my friend, you should be very proud!!!

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Dallas, pics of exhaust and LCA's


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Outstanding! Wow. Beautiful job. That is a loooong option list with what appears to be all the faves. Come on over sometime. My wife needs a little reminder of the finished product :) Did you have to drill new inner holes for the billet LCA's? I want some of those SOOO bad. Seriously, I would love to see it in person sometime.

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Seriously! WOW, that is beautiful and done very well! I love the color. :001_tt1:

Outstanding! Wow. Beautiful job. That is a loooong option list with what appears to be all the faves. Come on over sometime. My wife needs a little reminder of the finished product :) Did you have to drill new inner holes for the billet LCA's? I want some of those SOOO bad. Seriously, I would love to see it in person sometime.
You take your wife anywhere near that car and she will move in with Paul. :w00t:
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