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September 2010 - Picture of the Month

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WOW!! Great Pic
Sweet pic Howard! Love it... who took it?
Great pic! Very creative and excellent use of lighting and composition!
Better late than never Eh!!! Beautiful shot.

POM's have really stepped up the game eh?

Very nice! Even captured a shot of a UFO in the background, too!

Picture of the month

" WOW " What a cool picture, I'M not an expert but that looks like Seattle in the back ground. Great Job

Thanks for the picture
Very nice! Even captured a shot of a UFO in the background, too!
I noticed that..lol
Is that a digital camera, or regular film? Great shot of a nice car!
Excellent work. Can you give us some details on the set up like, exposure, film / digital, filtering, etc. One on the better POM's I've seen in quite a while.
New desktop background!
Whooo hooo!!

I took the pic with a Nikon D50 - it's a pretty basic digital SLR camera but can take pretty good pics. I was browsing through the local newspaper and came across a "pic of the week" where this dude had taken a pic of his Nissan - just awesome background. With a little deduction using google maps I figured out where it was shot - it is Seattle if anyone's wondering - the Space Needle is over on the left.
Camera was set at the lowest ISO speed (200), and shutter speed was set at 30 seconds. There is a noise reduction setting for long exposures so I switched that on. After that, it was a matter of playing around with aperture settings to get the exposure and depth of field acceptable. Camera was on a tripod with the self timer set to 2 seconds. I think I ended up being a bit late in the evening - got stuck in rush traffic, so I was a bit limited in aperture settings - had to mostly use a wide aperture to get a decent exposure. Probably got about 3, maybe 4 acceptable shots out of it all - folk that were just out for a stroll would walk in front of the camera, and cars would drive between the car and the camera as well!

Edit - one other thing I forgot to mention was I have a key fob that activates a remote cutoff switch. In the middle of the exposure, I would power the car up for about 1-2 secs and then power it off - any longer and the headlights would probably be too bright.

Of course got the usual litany of questions as well!
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Very cool photo Howard. Congrats!
Wow....that is definitely one of the top POMs. I'd say in the top 10 probably! Im setting this one as my background.
Wow! What a great pic. Congrats on pic of the month.

Outstanding photograph of an exceptional car. Congrats Howard! Also my new desktop...

Now that's what I mean about excellent photography, car commands the shot with a great background not intruding on the subject. My hat's off to you for a great car and an even greater shot.

Awesome/ WOW

It is my new sceensaver.... Love the car, but the picture is outstanding...
Wow :001_tt1: nice job Howard and congratulations. Beautiful shot!!
Congrats on POM! That is an excellent photograph of a really nice car!
All I can take are pictures. :(
That is totally awesome!!
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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