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To answer your question...I riveted the seat sliders to a rectangular base plate of 16 gauge steel. I used 3/16" steel rivets; they're pretty hard to pull by hand. Then I drilled four mounting holes through the base plate and the steel seat pan on the frame. Next, my buddy Craig welded four 3/8" bolts to the base plate; the welded bolts poke down through the frame's seat pan so that I can tighten the nuts without trying to get a wrench under the seat. The last step was to use longer bolts to mount the seat to the slider so that I could put a section of 1" tubular steel across the underside of the front of the seat, giving a the bottom of the seat a tilt.

If I had to mount my seats again, I think I’d start with the Breeze seat mounts, fabricate a wider platform out of 14 gauge steel to accommodate my seat, and weld that platform to the Breeze mount.

Either way, a base plate with welded mounting bolts through the frame's seat pan is the way to go. It's easy to remove or install the seat, the mounting is as strong as you want to make the thickness of the base plate, and there's no measuring/fuss to make sure the seat bolts go into the frame members.

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