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Saturday pictures from FFROG Fest West at Sears Point

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What a day! My dad and I headed up from the peninsula and arrived at about 10:30. There were almost 50 cobras there including Dick Smith's orginal 427 race car, a 289, and a formidable fleet of spec racers from across the country. Also in attendance were 2 coupes and the new FFR GT V8. The Norcal cobras were out in force, and they all looked fantastic!

The cars all took to the track for a demo lap, which was uneventful except for a certain cobra that spun coming out of the hairpin.

Next the HPDE groups ran with only Mr. Potatohead's awesome ride and Weendoggy's beauty representing FFR out on the track. Both cars looked and sounded great. The day took an unfortunate turn when Mr. P disappeared from the track and was seen coasting down the back straight with his left arm and orange glove in the air having destroyed his T-5.

The favorites in the HPDE groups had to be the Lincoln LS rental car (although I hear he rolled the car today), a Dodge Intrepid, and a VW Jetta 1.8. The Lincoln was fast!

At 4 P.M. the "main event" took to the track in the form of at least a dozen spec racers being driven by Mark Smith, David Borden, Dan Elam, Dick Smith, Gary Cheney, Cates, and McIver among others. The racing was fantastic with some great battles among the top 4 positions with Mr. Borden, Mr. McIver, and two other cars (sorry I don't know the drivers) battling it out for the lead. Cresting the hill at turn 2, McIver lost his left rear wheel and spun! The force of the spin and the backwards travel flung his trunk off of the car onto the track. The race ended soon afterwards with the white car winning and David Borden finishing second. I can't speak from the driver's view, but as a spectator the racing was fantastic.

Looking at McIver's car after the race some of the lugs had sheared off of the rear hub!

Overall the day was great fun. The cars were numerous and beautiful. The racing was exciting, and it was great to put some faces with names from this great forum. I hope everyone is having fun today and wish you socal guys had come up; you are missing one hell of a good time.

You can see my pictures by logging in to the community clubphoto account at www.clubphoto.com/
Sign in as [email protected] password: roadster

You will see the album titled FFROG fest west pictures (saturday). Or you can click this link:

The pictures are best viewed in the highest resolution mode.

A BIG thank you to Bill, Russ, the Smith brothers, Dick Smith, the Spec Racing guys, and anyone else who helped put on this wonderful event!

Max Thompson

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Thanks to all the guys posting pics. I left my camera behind, and didnt get any pics of all the cars. It was a real positive experience for me to be there and see all the ways that the cars get completed.I came home with a lot better vision of what I want my car to look like when done.
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