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And finally...
I think that is more than enough for this series of updates.
( And fair play if you have made it this far! )

There is still quite a bit of progress to report, but I'll leave that for another day.
That is assuming that anyone on here is interested in this project at all.
As I know it is a long way off the high standards of the FFR builds on here.

So I'll end on a more light hearted note...

A Car For All Seasons:
Just to prove what a dumb idea it was to build a car outside, here are some weather photos...


Heavy Rain:
( The green cover protects the internal frame work that I'd been welding brackets to in my back garden. )

Bailing Out Required:

And last, but not least...


We took a family trip to Warwick Castle, where I found a kit car reference from the Middle Ages.
A special place reserved for those who think it is a good idea to build a car without Ye Olde Garage...

Talking of the seasons, here was my "October" submission for a possible Sammio calendar.


What I am aiming for:
Eventually the new kit car company owner sold his Cordite kit as an unfinished project.

Which at least gives you some idea of what a finished Cordite could look like.
Because he sealed his doors shut, he couldn't use the kit's 3 piece wind deflectors.
( The fact the company owner couldn't make the doors work is not a good sign for me. )
He also abandoned the flip up hoot and added an access panel instead.
There are also a few modifications that can be made to lower the stance a bit.

The redesigned Ribble Navigator was already under development at this point.
So they needed a new "demonstrator" that represented what they were actually selling.
The new moulds are designed to make left & right hand drive bodies easier to produce.
The doors are now an option, making the body similar to the original Spyder kits.
( These cars sit very low to the ground so getting in over the sides is no problem. )

To illustrate this, here is a Spyder in the local supermarket car park...
( We are still waiting for the first Cordite to be on the road. )

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)
I like it
781 - 781 of 781 Posts