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And finally...
I think that is more than enough for this series of updates.
( And fair play if you have made it this far! )

There is still quite a bit of progress to report, but I'll leave that for another day.
That is assuming that anyone on here is interested in this project at all.
As I know it is a long way off the high standards of the FFR builds on here.

So I'll end on a more light hearted note...

A Car For All Seasons:
Just to prove what a dumb idea it was to build a car outside, here are some weather photos...


Heavy Rain:
( The green cover protects the internal frame work that I'd been welding brackets to in my back garden. )

Bailing Out Required:

And last, but not least...


We took a family trip to Warwick Castle, where I found a kit car reference from the Middle Ages.
A special place reserved for those who think it is a good idea to build a car without Ye Olde Garage...

Talking of the seasons, here was my "October" submission for a possible Sammio calendar.


What I am aiming for:
Eventually the new kit car company owner sold his Cordite kit as an unfinished project.

Which at least gives you some idea of what a finished Cordite could look like.
Because he sealed his doors shut, he couldn't use the kit's 3 piece wind deflectors.
( The fact the company owner couldn't make the doors work is not a good sign for me. )
He also abandoned the flip up hoot and added an access panel instead.
There are also a few modifications that can be made to lower the stance a bit.

The redesigned Ribble Navigator was already under development at this point.
So they needed a new "demonstrator" that represented what they were actually selling.
The new moulds are designed to make left & right hand drive bodies easier to produce.
The doors are now an option, making the body similar to the original Spyder kits.
( These cars sit very low to the ground so getting in over the sides is no problem. )

To illustrate this, here is a Spyder in the local supermarket car park...
( We are still waiting for the first Cordite to be on the road. )

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)
I like it

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It has been a while – Part 1

Hard to believe it is now over 18 months since my last update on this thread.

Although, the harsh reality is that I’ve now spent over two years in this cramped space, working from home.

The good news is that at least I’ve been working and all my close family and friends have survived Covid.

Looking back at my last post, I suppose I should start my confirming the sidewalk outside my house was fixed.
(There is also grass now where the soil is in this photo.)

I’ve spent a lot of time trying, and failing, to fix the problem with one of my front turn signals.

I even made things worse when I managed to break the rubber cover for it.

In reality, it was April 2022 before I finally managed to get all the wiring and this turn signal finally working again.

In between, the Winter of 2020 reminded me why I shouldn’t have built a car without a garage in the first place.

My poor car also had to suffer multiple hail storms too.

The car remained off the road for all of 2021, when all I was able to do was remove the covers…

And just drive back and forth on my driveway to ensure the brakes and clutch didn’t seize up.

Unfortunately, I had to recharge the battery so often that I’ve now replaced that with a new one.

2021 also saw the return of American Football to the UK.

My wife and I went to the Jets vs. Falcons game at the new Tottenham stadium, which was very impressive.

We also had a family trip to Ireland, where I took this photo with my phone (and no digital tricks).

One misty morning just outside the house we were staying in.

End of Part 1…

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It has been a while – Part 2

By 2022, it was clear the car hadn’t been driven for a while, as spiders had moved in.

But with the electrics now finally working, the car was given a long over-due Spring clean inside.

I moved the car onto the road, to give me a level surface to top up the engine oil and antifreeze.

Note – Even after all these years, I still love the fact that I made the hood hinges myself. :cool:

I also ordered a new set of tyres, as whilst the old ones had a lot of thread left, they were 14 years old.
(Which might explain why the back end occasionally steps out when I’m not expecting it.)

The eagle eyes amongst you will spot that this photo is one tyre short, which finally arrived two days later.

There was just enough room to load all 4 tyres into the passenger side, so I could get them fitted.

I just had time to stop for one photo on the way home and that didn’t even include the tyres in it. :rolleyes:

At least you can see the shiny new tyres in this photo taken a few days later.

But it was really good to be back out on the road again.

It is only when I park next to other cars, you remember just how small my car is.

I’ll end this update with a photo taken last Sunday in a very expensive part of London, a Holland Park mews.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

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Thanks for the update from the other side of the pond. That car would be of interest in the US, very rare to see something like that here.
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