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Cockpit Panelling – Part 2
Eventually I had made cardboard templates for the five panels I would need.

The next step was to start cutting them out.

In order to fit the panels, some panel beating was required so the flat ally would match the curved surfaces.

Starting point.

Some work in progress along the top edge of this panel.

This was a slow process as there was some also some alloy trimming required.

But eventually, things were starting to take shape.

Leaving the rear cockpit wall panel looking like this.

I had already ordered a load of these Torx screws to fix the alloy panels to the plywood cockpit walls.

In addition to the panelling, I also need to make access panels for the bolts holding the two side mirrors in place.

End of Part 2…

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Cockpit Panelling – Part 3
There was just one small job to do before the panels were finally fitted.

As I had found a small amount of gas sloshing around inside the float from the fuel gauge sender.
( When I was checking my fuelling problem. )

I ordered and fitted this new replacement float.

Before added a lick of paint to the area between the cockpit wall and the gas tank.

In order to fix the panels in place I had to use three different bits for my drill.

One to drill the hole in the alloy, one to drill a pilot hole in the plywood wall & one to fix the screw in place.

At some points, I was having to fix one screw at a time using all three bits as I hammered the panels before fitting.

So, I’ll spare you the highly repetitive nature of this work and cut to the chase…

I have extra screws matching the ones used on the rear wall access panel "somewhere", but can’t find them.

Rather than waste any time now, I simply 'borrowed' four from the rear panel to fit the side mirror bolt covers.

Which left some gaps in the rear panel that I will fix in the next few days when I track down the missing screws.

However, you can still get a pretty good idea of how it will look in the end.

Plus, here are the side panels.

Finally, some wider-angle shots.

I must confess that this has worked out much better than I ever could have expected. :cool:

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With one thing, or another, my car has been off the road for most of June.

So, I’ll end this round of updates with some photos from previous months…

The weather ranged from hailstones one day…

To warm enough to wear just a light jumper/sweater for a morning drive another.

Whilst I am not really part of the Selfie generation, I did pull over and park to take the one above.

In fact, this was where I parked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got caught in a sudden rain shower one day…

Which left me parked under a tree in order to get some shelter before heading home.

Another shopping trip.

Lots of building work going on around Wembley Stadium.

This ‘drone’ view was taken by hanging out of a first-floor window.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Car Parks
I still enjoy parking my car next to ‘normal’ ones.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That’s all for now, so until next time, take care, Paul. :)

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Happy Independence Day!
Just a flying visit to wish you all (or is that y’all? ;)) a great 4th July. :cool:

Since my last update, the seats and seat belts are now back in.

And I found just enough screws to complete the rear access panel.

So, I’m now back on the road and enjoying the sunshine.

Cheers, Paul. :)

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Triumph Swordfish 1500

Summer Lovin’
Saturday, 31st August 2019 marked three years and just over 4,000 miles since I first got on the road.

So, as the days of driving wearing shorts and a T-shirt draw to a close, here is a belated catch up…

Meeting an old friend for lunch.

Spotted this GTO inspired kit, based on Mazda MX5/Miata.

I do like tree covered lanes.

And fields.

Stopped to help a very nice Mustang that had overheated on the UK’s record-breaking hottest day.

Filling up.
( As a guide, a USA sized gallon of gas costs approximately $6.50! )

Classic car night at the Ace Café.

The Grove golf club.

One of the libraries of Harrow Boys School.


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Handbrake Gaiter – Part 1
After looking back through this thread, I realise that I started work on this back in March 2019.

But it took me until July to make even a small bit of further process when I test fitted the base panel.
( While I was fitting the alloy panels to the cockpit walls . )

After a bit of trimming and hammering I was left with this.

This panel will be scuffed before final fitment, as this looks way too shiny here.

It was then early September before I restarted the process and mocked up this.

I know this mock up material looks a mess, but I just needed a pattern to mark up the leather.

Folded the two edges that will joined on the underside of the lever at the front.

Then folded the top edge and added an extra layer of leather to hold a pair of zip ties in place.

I will be using black zip ties with fixing this to the car.
This was the ‘Take 2’ version of the second piece compared to some of the photo below.

Folded the top edge of the small connecting piece.

Then joined this to the main section on one side.

I then finished sewing the front section in (inside out).

Which now looked like this, when pulled the right way out.

End of Part 1…

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Handbrake Gaiter – Part 2
I roughly sanded the alloy panel and drilled all the holes required for the rivets.

Then drilled the matching holes in the base of the leather and riveted it all together.

This is what it looked like on the underside.

I must confess, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I carried this up from the Summer House to fit it.

But, as they say, Pride comes before a fall…

And the air turned blue as I realised that I had fixed the leather in the wrong way around. :banghead:

Yes, after all these years of car building, I’m still making schoolboy errors.

So, I just had to go back to square one and drill out all of the rivets.

I then discovered that I didn't have enough larger head rivets to match the ones I'd used previously.

But, by this point, I was happy to use the smaller rivets I had, as long as they worked.

Which left the gaiter looking like this when finally fitted.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Special Effects
Someone on another forum I use, turned this photo…

Into this. :cool:


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2019 Goodwood Revival – Part 1
This really is a unique event where classic cars, bikes and planes are both displayed and seen in action.

Back in 2015, it managed to bring all six original Shelby Daytona Coupes together for the first time. :cool:

During the dark days of my build I held on to the dream of going to this event in a car fit for the grid.

In my case, it is the Sussex Trophy race that is closest to my car’s design.

A HUGE part of the Goodwood Revival is the fact that 90% of the crowd go in period costume.

I took my inspiration from the light blue racing overalls of the drivers at this time.

Then found some cleaner’s overalls on Ebay for just over $10.

Which I turned into my own tribute to the drivers of this era.

I ended up going as a volunteer and they have their own camp site away from the main crowds.

This was Friday morning, when lots of people were still arriving.

Dawn breaking on Sunday morning, with the moon still visible in the sky.

Here I am on duty.

And here I am on the way home on Monday morning. :D

I hope the following posts will give you a hint at the scale of this event.

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2019 Goodwood Revival – Part 3
Aston Martin DBR1s.

Another gorgeous Aston Martin with a row of Jaguar E Types in the background.

D Types

C Type - A joy to behold.

Bentleys as far as the eye could see.

John Surtees’ Lola T70

All kinds of open wheeled racers.



Paddy Hopkirk and his Monte-Carlo Rally winning Mini.

End of Part 3…

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2019 Goodwood Revival – Part 5
Here are a few more shots from trackside.

I was volunteering in the paddock with over 70 Austin J40 pedals cars.

Children raced them on Saturday and Sunday morning and the crowd really cheered them on.

They even had Jackie Stewart waving the chequered flag at the finish line on both days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There was a large collection of planes on the ground.

Plus several air displays, this was a Spitfire and two Mustangs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I’ll end this round of updates with a few videos that I took.

Goodwood Revival 2019 Videos:
Part 1 – Sights and sounds from paddocks and track, plus campsite and journey home.
Running Time 4m 53s


Part 2 – A walk around the open paddocks.
Running Time 5m 37s


Part 3 – A walk around the restricted paddocks.
Running Time 8m 52s


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

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Thanks for the wonderful updates! Your car looks terrific, and the gaiter adventure just adds to her history! ;-o)

Goodwood looks like the event of a lifetime! Those cars are simply extraordinary, and I really love those pedal cars! What fun for the kids, and to have J. Stewart waving the checkered is a real treat.

I really liked seeing all your pictures, and reading your update! Thanks so very much for sharing, and taking the time to show us all what you have been up to!

All the best!



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WIS89 & HealeyRick – A very belated thank you gentlemen. :cool:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I started a new job recently and things have been very hectic lately.

But in some good news, the car passed its MOT with flying colours in November.
(An annual test here in the UK to check the roadworthiness of cars.)

It has also been very wet indeed, but at least I’ve managed to get out on the odd dry (ish) day.

I quite liked this car park photo.

And just to bring things right up to date, this was taken two days ago on the top of Harrow Hill.

Where this marker is.

And here is the view towards the centre of London.

Until next time, take care and have a Merry Christmas.

Cheers, Paul. :)

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Three Month Round Up

Not much car time as my new job was pretty hectic and I caught a heavy cold.

Still, I was able to take the car out for the occasional trip, even if it was just down to the local store.

Nothing to do with the car, but my wife and I went to a Tutankhamun exhibition in London and it was mind blowing.

Some of the things on display looked brand new, despite being over 3,000 years old!
( And that is before you start thinking about the skills required to make everything. )


An old friend from college came to visit, so I took him out for a drive.

Whilst the sun was out, it was cold, so the extra layers were needed.

We had a great time, including a stop for lunch.

We had a long run of very wet weather, so I’d try to just start the engine when I had the chance.

In this photo, I had peeled back the covers shortly after the hailstones had finished. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, it also seems that my covers have a leak somewhere.

This was at the beginning of the month, when the Covid-19 virus was starting to take hold.

It was shocking to see just how quickly the panic buying started. :eek:

Next, all the pubs/bars were shut down before the official lockdown came into force.

So, despite a lovely, crisp Spring day, I restricted myself to a short drive to the Grocery Store.

As I needed to pick up some flowers for Mother's Day (March in UK vs May in USA).

That very night, the UK’s Prime Minister asked the country NOT to visit their mum on Mother’s Day.
(A though call as it was not going to be popular request.)

Thankfully, for me, my mum is in her 80s and needed some supplies and delivering those was allowed.

But I had to follow the social distancing rules:
  • Leave the supplies (and flowers) at her front door.
  • Move back away from the door and then call her from my mobile/cell phone her to say I’m outside.
  • My mum then stayed at her front door while we chatted from a safe distance.
  • My wife and daughters also stayed away to lower the risk further.

The next day, was the start of the UK lock down, so this will be my last car photo for a while.

Note the empty parking spaces, where some people had already moved out of Central London.

Now, technically, I could still drive my car to the local store for essential supplies but it is not a good look.

I would know I was following the rules, but others would think I was taking a nice car out for a drive.

And enjoying a nice drive on a sunny day is definitely against the rules, so I am doing my part.

I’ve also been in touch with my Aunt & Uncle in New York (Thornwood, near White Plains).

As I fear that New York is going to be hammered in the same way that Northern Italy has been.

So, I hope you, and your families, are all well during these strange / unprecedented times.

Let's be careful out there.

Take care, Paul. :)

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UK Lockdown Update
I hope you are all keeping well, as there is nothing much to see here.

I have been ‘unwrapping’ my car on the driveway to at least start the engine up.

Then we had two days running with some serious hailstones landing here.
(Not easy to see in photo.)

So far, I have managed just one scenic tour of my driveway. :rolleyes:

At least driving it forwards and backwards a few feet will stop the brakes from sticking.

Take care, Paul. :)

The Joy of Painting

[ Paging Forbye4 ]

[ Paging Forbye4 ]

It took me a while to work your Avatar photo was Bob Ross and not you. :rolleyes:

But, in my defence, I don’t remember ever seeing his show in the UK.

However, it has just starting airing as part of the BBC’s plan to raise spirits during the lockdown.

The BBC just has picked a few shows and Bob Ross is jaw-droppingly brilliant at what he does. :cool:

Even better, one of his catch phrases could sum up my whole build.

We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.


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UK Lockdown Rules Finally Ease
I know it has been less than two months since I last drove the car, but it seems like much longer.

First stop was to fill up with some fresh petrol/gas and then off for a short drive that felt great. :cool:

Definitely good for clearing your head after weeks of being stuck inside working from home.

This was a deserted public swimming pool car park.

And this was a quick stop at the local shop.

Until next time, take care, Paul. :)

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Happy Halloween!
I can't quite believe that the last time I drove my car was back in May.

Despite the UK Covid lock down easing, I’ve been working from home for over 7 months now.

I’ve been trying to exercise more to make up for sitting in front of computer screens all day.

So, it seems I don’t seem to have any spare time left to fix a small electrical problem.

Last time I was out, one of the front indicators stopped working.

I’ve got as far as removing the light fitting and checking that is OK.

Which means the problem is either in the wiring loom itself or a bad earth somewhere.

Lack of use, meant I had a flat battery when I finally got around to starting the engine the other day.

I also needed my wife's help to push the car back as the brake were sticking too. :rolleyes:

Thankfully, with the battery charged, the engine fired up with no problems.

I was also able to drive the car up and down my driveway to free up the brakes.

Hopefully, by the time I get the electrics sorted out I will be able to drive on to the road.

As my path to the road itself is currently a work in progress! ;)
(Note - The whole street is being done.)

At least I've finished this year's pumpkin.

Take care, Paul. :)
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