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Here is the mail I sent to Factory Five, and I will also use it as my introductory post! :)
"Hey guys,
first off I would like to introduce myself. I am a 16 year old who lives in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and is an avid fan of anything that goes fast, be it cars, planes... but not the weekend since we all hate the fact that it’s only two days and it’s suddenly back again a Monday. Anywho, I have loved cars since I was 4 years old, when I was 5 I got a Playstation 1 for my birthday along with three games: Gran Turismo 1, Fifa 2001, and Need For Speed 3. Guess which I picked first? Gran Turismo 1. I started learning about cars with that game. Then, in May 2005 I moved to Canada (from Argentina) and I started learning about cars sold here thanks to a “Buyer’s Guide for Quebec 2006”, one of the cars that I learned about and have since always loved was the Pontiac Solstice and the Lotus Elise, both very lightweight and sprightly cars with fun handling and great dynamics. During the summer of 2007 I came across a car magazine known as Road & Track (it was the Sept. 2007 issue with the 200 mph special article). In February 2008 I bought my first Motor Trend, and finally in January 2009 I bought my second Road & Track. This was what finally triggered my subscription to Road and Track and later on Motor Trend (much to my avail, thus I cancelled my subscription after the February 2013 issue). I have been subscribed to Road and Track since then and more recently Car and Driver.
Now, I learned about you guys thanks to these magazines (and Car and Driver issues that I bought at the Toronto International Airport everytime I had to travel downsouth to visit family),you know since you guys always have some sort of ad at the end of these magazines. I was always like “cool” when I saw them and I thought of getting one when I was older, basically an on-off relationship with you guys, but the thing that sealed the deal was when I read the July 2013 issue of Road and Track. I came across your Factory Five Racing 818R and I literally melted due to how hot and awesome your car was. Then I saw that they tested the damn thing, and then I saw that there was a street version, and that’s when I decided to put a ring on it. I fell in love with that car, I loved that it was so accessible, quick, had a Subaru Impreza engine, and the fact that it was a kit-car.
Down to business now, I’ve been researching all about the car and the donor, but I can’t find anything anywhere about using a Saab 9-2x as the donor instead of a WRX wagon. Is that permissible?
So yeah, instead of using a WRX Wagon, can you use a Saab 9-2x Aero?
Loving this forum, keep on rocking, guys! :D

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Welcome PeugeotZiegSa,

Each forum is different and on this forum courtesy get you everywhere. Very nice first post.

Can you tell us a little about your ID? Very interesting. And while you're at it, fill out your profile?

For example, knowing you're in Canada lets me know to give a "heads-up" on the SAAB 92x recall on the trailing arms. Seems they were rotting away in salty regions of the USA.

And yes, I had a 92x Linear. Sorry to let it go. I got mine from Texas. I consider myself very fortunate for that find. Good people those SAAB owners. Loved it for its upscale luxury body on WRX underpinnings. Another true hybrid (chassis-drivetrain combos) just like so many cars here.

Enjoy yourself here! Very smart and very giving people here. Try to be a giver too. Looking forward to your presence.

PS: Japan has very strict emission laws so they junk their WRXs after 75k miles. A guy in Texas imports the hopped-up drivelines they have over there. Something to research instead of buying a whole car...
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