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OK, so I received my M4 roadster kit about 2 weeks ago but FFR has back ordered some of the key ingredients needed to get me started. Body is on the buck and frame is on the dolly awaiting said parts.

So, I'm biding my time accumulating the needed bits and pieces. Found a '98 Lincoln M8 IRS yesterday and will pick that up and get it to the re-builder this week. Next up will be mating the TKO600 to the Coyote. Everyone including FFR recommends the QT bell housing but I'm hoping to save a little in this area since the car should never see "explosive" RPMs.

My question? What stock bell housing will work with this combo?
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Outside of making over 1,000hp on a drag strip, try and find an example of a coyote engine car blowing a flywheel. In fact, try and find any example of a stock bell housing being penetrated on a modern car. Not saying it can't happen, but there are far more statistically relevant places to spend money. I'm using a stock T-5 bell housing, but my flywheel is flyweight aluminum and wouldn't go through the bell housing even if it did blow. My backup is a Kevlar liner inside the tranny tunnel. Not SFI approved, but I don't care.

For the clutch, do yourself and the wife a favor and go hydraulic. That is worth every penny.
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