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Run and Gun

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Isn't there a Run and Gun this month in Illinois?
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Just got home from the Event,

The Lola was John ???'s that was put into the turn one wall.I took a full 360 there myself, not a real fun thing to do.
John and his frieds and family were Really nice folks, they also have the imfamous red gt350 mustang kit that is awesome. But, unfortunately he broke a right front spindle in that car at about 130 mph. I have never seen a wheel have a life of its own and gain energy as it bounced high along the front straight, everyone that had camera's were so stunned they forgot to tape it as it happened. No major damage on the vehicle and all were safe. All in all it was a fabulous event despite the lousy weather. I have some neat pics but to pooped to get them together. Promise sometime tomorrow.


PS Dan, Nice pics and was glad to meet ya even know your from "podunk Iowa"
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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