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Run and Gun

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Isn't there a Run and Gun this month in Illinois?
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Run & Gun 2002 is in process through Thursday. Today (Wed) all groups got a second timed road course run - a quick one was run yesterday as insurance against the rain (and it POURED). This afternoon it's to the drag strip to get as many timed runs as possible. Concern is that it may rain on Thurs also.
Next years schedule is supposedly set - October 17, 18 & 19 2003 - that would be Thurs, Fri & Sat with the 20th (Sun) available if one of the events/days are rained out. Talk is to work in a cruise and maybe a vehicle show on Sunday that the kits would participate in.
All in all the event has been a blast - weather could be better - but, organization, hospitality and professionalism are higher than ever.
Kurt - if you see this, I don't have your number with me but obviously am in town...come on down tonight or tomorrow if you get a chance. Greg
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Run & Gun 2002 (98 Pics)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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