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Soooo Chuck Lets put some rumors to rest;

1) Is it true we have enough trophies for everyone to win one?

2) Is it true we have more vendors showing up then forum members !!

3) Is it true we have a ton of vendor-supplied items to raffel!

4) Is it true we have ALL the BIG names coming to our event like?

A) The FACTORY 5 Crew with the cars (not just one but lots)

B) A big wig from FORD MOTORSPORTS WITH A FORD GT so we all can drive it around at the
BBQ on Friday????

C) BAT MAN in his outfit

D) ??

E) ??

F) ??
5) Is it true I will keep posting to try to get forum members to sing up so they can participate in all this fun?

6) Is it true that all forum members can add to this post to help keep it at the top of the forum so no one gets
Left out!!

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I guess that I can answer most of these questions but probably not all.
1. Yes, we probably have as many show cars as trophies. Right now there is 17 cars preregistered for the show. With the vendor cars we probably have a total of 30 so far. No coupe, spyder or Spec racers are registered, so if you want to make a quick $250.00 enter your coupe or spec racer in the show.
2. Beside Factory Five our main sponsor there are 12 other vendors that will either have a display at the speedway or have donated to the raffle.
3. Not a ton just yet but there still coming in.
4. A) I don't know about Big Names but these true cars guys will be there as instructors for the Cobra run group. Dick Smith, Dave Smith, Gordon Levy and Tom Benard. Were still waiting for and answer from Bob Bonderaunt and one of the CA guys is trying to recruit Dan Gurney.
The guys from Factory Five will be there along with 8 cars. The GTM will be there and yes it will be running, I am not sure about rides.
B) A National Sales rep from Ford Racing will be hanging out with us Friday at the morning cruise and barbeque but I doubt that he will have a Ford GT with him.
C) Batman will be here, he has a vender spot, not sure about the suit, he only wears it in the presence of Earl.
D) The raffle, tickets will be available all day Saturday at the event and banquet. You must be present at the banquet to win.
5. I hope that everyone that is coming will preregister. I don't want to run out of food at the barqeque and I really cannot expect anyone to sit at a table at the door of the banquet and collect money while everyone else is having a good time. If your preregistered and prepaid you will have a crediential, no lines, just walk in the door and have fun.

This event is different from most of the prior events. FFR is the main sponsor, but the event is run by FFR owners, FFR is our guest. Our sponsors are the guys who make these events happen please support them.

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I can't wait! Last year was a blast. Considering this is following the SEMA show the best will be there. If you want to see vendor products first hand, buy a cheap ticket to Las Vegas.

This Forum is FULL of BIG horsepower, BIG brakes, wouldn't it be nice to see some of them on a safe closed course. The NASA road course is designed for Cobras.

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