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Rhode Island registration

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Getting going with my build again this winter. However I now own property in Rhode Island as well as Mass. I no nothing about the Rhode Island Registration/Inspection procedures. Does R.I. smog test? It might be the way to go because Mass. if a little bit iffy on 392 crate motors!
Any information will be appreciated!
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Shawn, I'm an old Rhode Islander myself, still have lots of family there. Until very recently, inspection stickers were simply a matter of knowing the local repair shop. My family tells me that now the inspections are hooked into a Big Brother type of computer and there's no hanky-panky any more.

In fact, my brother bought my 87 Stang with the cats removed (long tube headers) and can't pass inspection. And my family was IN the car business for years and years, we know practically everybody. He'll be switching out the long tubes to keep car on road.

Summing up, I wouldn't want to have to deal with RI until I did more homework and found out how they treat composite built cars.
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