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I have a solid axle car and I am contemplating swapping in the IRS. I figure do it once and forgetaboutit... I could bolt in Autowelds or go to the three link but the IRS is better no? My question is what is involved, what is the cost, and what are the real benefits. Does it really ride and corner that much better? To anyone who has done this swap, your insights would be greatly appreciated. I will be tackling it myself with the welding done by a certified welder. I can finally have those 315's that I always wanted...maybe I can fit 335's. Thanks in advance for the info!

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the IRS is far superior to the 4 link in every way except cost and complexity.

the 3 link is good, but there is still all the unsprung weight so the ride suffers vs IRS.

i went from my 4 link to IRS over a year ago. in 2001 (4 link) season i finished 6th out of 18, this last season i finished 1st. the last event i even took fastest time of day, over a CP mustang driven by a current national champion and 201 other drivers. yeah, the IRS is that much better!

the ride is SO much better, the car is so much more tuneable. id never have it any other way.

that said, ive ridden in a three link car now, and its pretty good for a fraction of the price and hassle.

here are my pics: http://home.pacbell.net/jcre/irspics/irs.htm


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