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Does anyone know what ERA's are going for in the current market. I have a friend with one, with a 429 that ate the cam shaft and does not run.
I'll need far more information on the car, such as the ERA number, chassis options (inboard/outboard brakes, heater,wiper, top, etc), roll bar or street set up, side pipes or under car exhaust, and finally the exact drivetrain (broken or not) currently in the car. Once I have this information, I can assist you (or your friend) in properly pricing the car for sale.

Bill S.

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a new roller

with decent options and paint will run $45-$50K...and at least a 2 year wait...from about chassis 650 on they did some updates (check the ERA website, also call Peter Portante and give him the chassis # and he will be able to give you dates, options etc..).

also matters if the car was sold as a "kit" or ERA assembled it.

The used market depending on year is anywhere from $35 to $55K.

Depending on the engine work required if you could purchase in the low $30K range you have done well. Its a very well built car.
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