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Something for the ladies in our lives while we play with our toys.
OK guys, we know we drag our wives with us to these events and often give them nothing to do but sit and look pretty.
Lucky for us, we have a way to repay them.

Studio 54, a Full service spa is about 1 mile from the Roundup.

Prices are as follows:
Facial $55 1 Hour
Facial $65 2 Hour
Massage Therapy ½ hour $37.50
Massage Therapy ¾ hour $56.25
Massage Therapy 1 Hour $75.00
This is a deep tissue massage, fragrant oils, aromatherapy, etc…
Pedicures $ 25.00
Manicures $ 16.00
Haircuts start at $25.00 and up depending on length…

Studio 54 recommends you make an appointment.
(813) 949-5454

Good luck gentlemen.
So, now your wives have a reason to attend.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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